Faith in Adversity and Intercessory Prayer

This morning, I received a tweet by a young woman praying for her grandpa, and in her words I could feel her pain and her deep concern and worry. It seems, as of late, I have been asked by many to pray for various problems and concerns, especially for those who are fighting cancer, as is the case of my new young friend. Having six members of my own family who are in this particular battle, I understand the feeling of helplessness, as though I am watching on the sidelines, waiting with them in the battle of unknowing. It is for people such as my new young friend, I decided to try an experiment and add a page of intercessory prayer. I offer this spiritual work to God through the hands of Mary, Theotokos – “The One who bore God”. There are two images of Mary that summarize for me her role as a Spiritual Mother for all of us.

The first comes from the Gospel of Luke – the story of the Annunciation.

Here, we find a young woman, fully open to hear the Word of God through the angel Gabriel’s announcement. She had found favor with God, and would bear His Son. There is no experience that I can think of in my life that would have such a profound impact as that experienced by Mary. Did she understand all the implications of that announcement? Yes, I believe she did, and she even asked the angel how it could be. And, despite all possibility in the physical laws, she believed the word of the Angel, and consented to be a special instrument through which the Savior of the World came to dwell within her, and be born into the world.

The second comes from the Gospel of John – the scene of the Crucifixion.

At the foot of the cross stood the mother of Jesus, along with the Beloved Disciple. It is here, Mary’s pain must have been fierce, a sword of sorrow, pondering why God chose this plan for her Son. Overwhelmed in her grief; yet, I imagine her thinking of the words Jesus taught us to pray – “Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will be done.” She is the model for the Christian of faith in adversity.

From the Annunciation to the Cross, Mary’s words were, “Let it be done according to Your word! Thy Will be done!”

Let us take great consolation in this, as we turn and stand with Mary at the foot of the Cross in the hour of our own uncertainty, and with her pray with confidence to the Father who knows our needs before we ask, and yet takes delight in listening to our feeble prayers. He hears us, and answers us.

Please feel free to leave your prayer requests in the comments. I will remember them in my nightly Rosary, where with Mary, I offer the prayers of the hurts of the world, and with her pray to the Father, ‘Thy will be done!’


11 thoughts on “Faith in Adversity and Intercessory Prayer

  1. Dear Sister,
    While reading this I just couldn’t help but think of what wonder people such as you that we are blessed to have in this world. Where would we be without you and the others who dedicate their lives to help others in this world. What a remarkable thing to do to help others with their needs and add them while saying the rosary. I have to say that Priests, brothers and nuns are the heroes in this world just like our military men and women. Thank God for you and thank you for all you do for others in this world.

    Tracey Vincik

    • Dear Tracey, thank you, for your kind words. I believe that each of us, as part of the Body of Christ, play an important part in bringing about the Kingdom of God. All we can hope for, is that when our earthly journey is done, and we stand before the King of Kings, we will hear Jesus say, “Tracey – or for me, Lisa – well done my good and faithful servant.” Let us continue to pray for such a day, and for souls who are still far from the loving embrace of God.

  2. Sister Lisa you give me strength simply through your words. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. The world is blessed to have you in it and I am blessed to have you as my new friend. God bless you. Thank you for reminding me of the many blessings in life. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Dear Vanessa, I’m glad we’ve met! thanks for your encouraging words, and especially for your prayers! God bless you.

    • I will most certainly pray for your mother Karen. Having six members of my own family battling with this disease, I understand how frightening it is when a loved one is diagnosed. Our hope is in the Lord who uses all to bring about good! DM me at as more is known. May our Lady, Help of the Infirm hold Karen in her mantle, and intercede for her healing. God bless!

  3. Dear Sister.
    I write to ask for a brief prayer as I face some adversity in my life.
    No health problems thank God. But heavy burdens nonetheless. Whether
    or not you can find the time for me, I promise you that I will remember
    you in my own prayers for you and for all those for whom you pray.

    Jack (I find that the phrase, Il Chevalier Mal Fete, seems to sum me and
    my life up at present.

    • Dear Jack, be assured of my prayers. I pray you will have what you need each day to carry your burdens with God’s grace. He has a way of easing our burdens when we turn to Him, as Psalm 55:23 reminds us, “Cast your care upon the LORD, who will give you support. God will never allow the righteous to stumble.”

      Let us remain united in prayer for each others intentions. God bless you!

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