The Reality of the Rare Abortion

Today in an interview in Albuquerque, New Mexico, President Obama made the following statement when asked about his view of abortion: ““This is where Bill Clinton had the right formulation a couple of decades ago, that abortion should be safe, legal and rare.”

Rare? What does that mean? Which child shall be denied life? How many should be allowed to be killed?

So, I did some homework to see for myself how rare an abortion is today. And you know what? It isn’t rare at all.

Doing a little simple numbers crunching, this is what the population growth looks like since 1973, along with the number or reported live births, and the number of reported abortions (click image to view larger):

That number in the little yellow box – 35% – is the percentile of the population from 1973 to 2003 in the United States that has never seen the light of day. One out of every three children.

Is that what you mean be ‘rare’  Mr. President?


Lifenews summarizes well the  President’s record in creating ‘rare abortions’ during his first two years in office. The record is deplorable, as he has helped fast-track abortion funding not only in the healthcare bill, but oversees as well.

To know more about the generational genocide since Roe vs Wade, you can go to You may want to support their efforts, if not financially, with your prayers.

You can help end abortion, too, by participating during these ‘40 Days for Life‘ of prayer and fasting.


10 thoughts on “The Reality of the Rare Abortion

    • Yes….i had to do a double-take at that Y2K number to see if it were a typo because I too thought it strange. But that’s what is reported by the census bureau.

  1. not just 10% or even 50% but roughly 300% more than other years. The biological imperative responding to perceived impending danger, in spite of a general culture of death? Very interesting.

  2. President Obama claims to be a Christian. Has he never heard of the Fifth Commandment? He is fond of using the term pro-choice. This is sanitised language – beloved of pro-aborts – to hide the barbarism of abortion. Pro- life people in my view should never use the term pro-choice. To do so is to accept that killing a child is on a par with giving birth to the child. Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion politicians are doing Satan’s dirty work.
    Have they never thought about facing the judgement of God? Each will be on his/her own before God. The cheers of the crowd will mean nothing then.

    • Yes, John, it is tragic when Christians like President Obama – and any self-proclaimed religious – justify abortion, all in a way that deceives the innocent, and makes them co-workers in building a culture of death. Just this morning a friend and I were looking at the consequences of 1/3 of a population being genocide victims; it brings condemnation not only on the individuals directly involved, but on our entire society. We have, through our silence, allowed this travesty. Are there not signs in our country as a whole that would be different if these 55,832,158 (as of 1pm PT) citizens were alive today? For one, we’d have a larger workforce that would support our elderly…all is related and interconnected, it would seem.

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