Advent – A Call to Wait

Here’s a brief ‘retreat’ for you (thanks to Ruth – from the Pulpit of her Life) to remind us all to slow down a little bit in our anticipation of the Christ-Child. These four precious weeks before Christmas – Advent – is a time to step back and prepare our hearts to receive the Christ-Child. Are we ready to receive Him?

What if you were waiting for something that would change your life? How would you get ready for it? How are you getting ready now?

Let us pray:

God of power and mercy, open our hearts to wait.

Remove the things that hinder us from listening in the silence.

Help us to slow down, to ponder your deep unending love,

expressed through the incarnation of your Son,

the Word made Flesh.

Help us to be careful of the traps of this season of joy,

the things that distract us,

the things that keep our hearts from pondering Your love.

Open our hearts anew to recognize the ways

our relationship with You has changed our life forever.

Come Lord Jesus! Come!


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