Adam’s Message for the World

Michael Terheyden, at Catholic Online, conveys his hearing of the story of young martyr Adam, one of the 60 killed by terrorists in the Syrian Catholic Cathedral of Our Lady of Deliverance in Baghdad in October of this year:

“On that tragic day, “three-year-old Adam witnessed the horror of dozens of deaths, including that of his own parents. He wandered among the corpses and the blood, following the terrorists around and admonishing them, ‘enough, enough, enough.’ According to witnesses, this continued for two hours until Adam was himself murdered.” That is all I know about Adam, but I cannot get his story out of my head. I believe Adam gave us a message for the whole world.

The reason I believe Adam gave us a message is because what he did and said seems so unnatural to me. I find it incomprehensible that a three-year-old child could witness so much death around him, even his mother and father, and then follow the murderers amongst the carnage admonishing them for hours. I would think that most children would be frozen with fear or hysterical, but Adam was not. Rather, out of the mouth of this brave little child came the words of pure truth.”

Terheyden goes on to reflect more on Adam’s message in looking at some signs leading him to speculate, “Perhaps God in His mercy is saying “enough,” and that is why He gave us little Adam at this time.”

Well worth reading the whole article.

Lisa Graas also wrote about this courageous boy here.


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