Seven Sundays Remembering Saint Joseph

Sometimes it happens, we get a thought or a person in our minds, and it keeps coming back. So it has been of late for me to turn to Saint Joseph, adoptive (foster) father of Jesus, and the chaste spouse of the Virgin Mary. And so it is, I decided to prepare early for his feast day (March 19) with a seven-Sundays devotion of prayers in his honor, commemorating the joys and sorrows he experienced in his role in the God’s salvific plan.

As with any prayers directed to the saints, the ultimate goal is to ask God to help us, through the intercession of the saint in question. The tradition of the Church holds Saint Joseph as the Patron Saint of a lot of causes:

against doubt, cabinetmakers, Canada, carpenters, China, confectioners, craftsmen, dying people, engineers, families, fathers, happy death, holy death, house hunters, Korea, laborers, Mexico, New France, people in doubt, Peru, pioneers, protector of the Church, social justice, travellers, Universal Church, Vatican II, Viet Nam, workers, working people.

The Seven Sundays devotion – starting this Sunday, January 30 and concluding March 13 – is comprised of an introductory prayer, reading from the scriptures, and a reflection Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic Exhortation “Guardian of the Redeemer” (1989).

Each Saturday, I will be updating the Sunday prayer* and reflection for the following Sunday. During this time, feel free to share your petitions with us, and we will add them to ours.

To participate, click the picture of St Joseph in the sidebar, or click here.

God Bless!

Saint Joseph, Pray for Us!


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