Prayers for the Pope

Over at Fr. John Zuhlsdorf’s site, WDTPRS, he is encouraging his readers to participate in a Spiritual Bouquet for the Pope Benedict XVI. He writes:

“Think of the great cares the Holy Father bears in his heavy mandate as Vicar of Christ.  He has need of our prayers to help him be strong and to guard him from his enemies.

“I propose to all readers here a Spiritual Bouquet for Pope Benedict with a ending date of 19 March, the Feast of St. Joseph, which is the Holy Father’s baptismal “name day”.”

It is a good practice for all of us to pray for the Pope on a regular basis. As we might imagine, he carries a lot on his shoulders as he governs the Universal Church; he continues to reach out to others, building bridges towards unity within the Christian community, and in reaching out to people of other faith traditions.

One concern of the faithful for the Holy Father, has been punctuated in the blogosphere as of late, that being the speculation about the “instructions” to be published regarding motu proprio Summorum Pontificum. Some fear the follow-up letter of instruction will ‘water down’ the language of Summorum Pontificum.  A good summary of some of the concerns is posted at Te Deum laudamus.

Let us then, hold our Pope in constant prayer, that he may continue to shepherd the Church according to God’s divine will.


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