The Month of Mary – A Prayer for the World

During this month of May, my community is praying from “A Guide for the Canossian Community in Prayer”, a recommended prayer of intercession through Mary.

We’ve had a growing awareness over the weeks, as we pray, of the echo these words contain with the reality of what is happening around us. I wanted to share it, offering the prayer for the world, and for the many who find themselves living what these words contain. Perhaps, you may wish to join us in the last days of May praying this prayer with us.


Look down on us, O Mary

Look down on us, O Mary!
We are united before you in prayer, as you wished us to be:
daughters of Charity, the queen of virtues.
Look down on us with the benevolence of a mother.
We ask your help and protection, peace and pardon,
apostolic zeal and fidelity to the Church,
for ourselves and all who work in society
with an upright heart and good will.

Many are the afflictions of the world,
the miseries of the poor,
the violence performed by those who do not know how to love,
and are carried away by brutal passions.
And we do not know how to see the warnings from heaven
in the calamities that are increasing
and the sacrifice of defenseless and innocent victims.

But you, Mary, are the Mother of Mercy and Forgiveness.
Ask grace for us! Ask God for us and for all,
an increase of faith, the comfort of Christian hope
and the communion of evangelical charity.
May the Father grant the Church unity and testimony of life;
to society, a fraternal spirit,
understanding of every need, sorrow and aspiration;
to Religious families newness of life in your light, O Mary,
in the Spirit of the love of your Son Jesus, our Savior.

linked at New Advent (5/25/11)


2 thoughts on “The Month of Mary – A Prayer for the World

  1. Congrats Lisa! Thank you for making this prayer that we too in our community pray after our daily rosary.
    United in Prayer and Charism!
    Sr ChrisS FdCC

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