Seven Links

Elizabeth at Startling the Day tagged me, posing the following questions:
1. Most Beautiful Post

Mary, Teach me to Pray

2. Most Popular Post

Prayer and the Priesthood” is my most popular. Hopefully, it has encouraged some to pray for our priests!

3. Most Controversial Post

One of my most controversial post is “Prayer for Life“. It was controversial, not so much on my site, but at the link over at Reddit, where I made known I would pray for a woman in a crisis pregnancy…in the end she decided to abort her child. It was the post where I felt most vulnerable, as it was the first time, I shared the fact I am a “survivor” of abortion. Linked to it was my disappointment of the outcome, as I ponder, does my prayer matter at all: “Making the Difference“.

4. Most Helpful Post

Popular Piety and Mary“, listing a good number of Marian devotions; a couple I didn’t know when I decided to write the post. :-)

5. Post Whose Success Surprised You

My “In the Habit” Series, thanks to some encouragement by the Anchoress, and her hosting them over at Patheos in the “Habit of Witness” series.

6. A Post You Feel Didn’t Get the Attention it Deserved

It’s one reason I don’t write much poetry on my blog; they get pretty much ignored (granted, I’m no John of the Cross): “Caught in Awe“.
7. Post you’re Most Proud of

My reflection on what the consecrated life is about, in “Wasted for Love“.

Please join me!

Peg over at Peg Pondering Again 
Elizabeth over at Startling the Day 

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