Oil in My Lamp

by Gavin Finley of endtimepilgrim.org

The day had been long, and the women began to drift off to sleep. At some point they were startled out of their dreams by cries of joy, “He’s coming! The Master is almost here!” Excitedly, those attending the lamps for the feast busily prepared them, only that, some of them realized that their oil would not last through the procession to the banquet. They looked to the others, “can you spare me some of your oil?”

“How can we?” They responded, “And risk not having enough when the Master comes? I worked too hard and have prepared well. Am I to fail now?”

So Jesus challenges us today in the parable of the Ten Virgins as they wait for the arrival of their Lord. In His lesson on preparedness, he challenges me to look at the oil in my lamp.

Oil feeds the lighted flame. But what happens when I don’t take care and, in my tiredness, do not ensure I have enough oil for the journey. Is the oil in my lamp of high quality, suitable for my Lord? Have I in some way corrupted the oil in my carelessness, not conserving it for those intimate moments with God alone? Am I ready for my Bridegroom when He comes?

I pray, that in the hour my Bridegroom comes, I will indeed be ready to welcome Him with joy, confident that the oil in my lamp will not burn out, but rather allow the light to shine very brightly.


Read Matthew 25:1-13


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