Persevere in Prayer

As I was writing a post on today’s Gospel, I came across a treatise by Saint Alphonsus de Liguori on prayer. The words are so inspiring, I thought you might benefit from it as much as I did. Enjoy!

Let us pray, then, and let us always be asking for grace, if we wish to be saved. Let prayer be our most delightful occupation; let prayer be the exercise of our whole life. And when we are asking for particular graces, let us always pray for the grace to continue to pray for the future; because if we leave off praying we shall be lost. There is nothing easier than prayer. What does it cost us to say, Lord, stand by me! Lord, help me! give me Thy love! and the like? What can be easier than this? But if we do not do so, we cannot be saved. Let us pray, then, and let us always shelter ourselves behind the intercession of Mary: “Let us seek for grace, and let us seek it through Mary,” says St. Bernard. And when we recommend ourselves to Mary, let us be sure that she hears us and obtains for us whatever we want. She cannot lack either the power or the will to help us, as the same saint says: “Neither means nor will can be wanting to her.” And St. Augustine addresses her: “Remember, O most pious Lady, that it has never been heard that any one who fled to thy protection was forsaken.” Remember that the case has never occurred of a person having recourse to thee, and having been abandoned. Ah, no, says St. Bonaventure, he who invokes Mary, finds salvation; and therefore he calls her “the salvation of those who invoke her.” Let us, then, in our prayers always invoke Jesus and Mary; and let us never neglect to pray.

…before concluding, I cannot help saying how grieved I feel when I see that though the Holy Scriptures and the Fathers so often recommend the practice of prayer, yet so few other religious writers, or confessors, or preachers, ever speak of it; or if they do speak of it, just touch upon it in a cursory way, and leave it. But I, seeing the necessity of prayer, say, that the great lesson which all spiritual books should inculcate on their readers, all preachers on their hearers, and all confessors on their penitents, is this, to pray always; thus they should admonish them to pray; pray, and never give up praying…

Saint Alphonsus de Liguori, Pray for Us!


2 thoughts on “Persevere in Prayer

  1. Thank you for the quotation. It is beautiful! I will share it with others.
    I so agree that prayer is easy! How simple to take a moment here, a second there, to whisper something to Our Lord, God, Our Father, the Holy Spirit, Our Blessed Mother, an angel or saint. It’s painless and so very rewarding.
    Developing the habit is the hard part. I’m thankful to God for parents and teachers who instilled this practice in me long ago.
    I think often of perseverance, too. Will I or won’t I? Recently my close friend and I talked about “the grace of final perseverance.” It’s one more simple thing to ask God for that grace, too!

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