Seven Days with Our Lady of Sorrows

Original Image worn by every Canossian Daughter of Charity.

Tonight we began the seven commemorations of our Lady of Sorrows, in preparation for her feast day, September 15th.

For it is she, the Stabat Mater,
who stood at the foot of the Cross of
her Son, our Lord Jesus,
pondering in her heart
what God’s plan might hold,
to include such horrendous pain.

Let us walk with our Lady
in these days, and implore her,
to intercede for all
those who are suffering.

For what else shall we pray?

Mater Dolorosa, Ora pro nobis.
Mater Charitatis, Ora pro nobis.


5 thoughts on “Seven Days with Our Lady of Sorrows

  1. For all those who are suffering covers just about everyone and every intention I can think of. I know a young married couple who could use our prayers during their period of adjustment.

    By the way, this feast day of Mary is also my birthday. I learned about the Seven Sorrows of Mary from the liturgical calendar that hung in our kitchen in my childhood. I was shocked to see the image of the swords in Mary’s heart, and my father explained the meaning. The image was different from the one you have on this page. I’ve always been happy that I was born on a Marian feast day.

    • Thank, Ruth Ann, for the beautiful sharing. We’ll remember your intentions, and your birthday! What a lovely blessing to share this day with our Lady! God bless you!

  2. Please pray for my husband who is unemployed still (after 20 months) and is beginning to lose hope. I am too. God has blessed us so far, but I pray that we will be able to see His hand in whatever befalls us and continue to trust in Him.

    I was born on a Marian feast day as well, the Holy Name of Mary, 9/12, between her birthday and the commemoration of Our Lady of Sorrows. What a blessing. I know she’s looking out for me.

  3. I learn so much from your post and this, too, is new to me. Thank you for sharing.

    This is such a good time to pray these next seven day for the state of the nation and the world for that matter.

    Mater Dolorosa, Ora pro nobis.
    Mater Charitatis, Ora pro nobis.

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