Repaying God’s Goodness

What magnificent works
the Lord has done!

How mighty in deeds is God,
who again and again
restores his beloved.

It is the Lord who provides,
quenches thirst,
drives away hunger.

God fills the void
with Finest Wheat,
His very Son, Jesus.

How can one repay God
who demonstrates such Mercy?

“How can I repay the LORD for all the great good done for me?”
Psalm 116:12


What are the things that you are thankful for?

In what ways has the Lord touched your heart?


One thought on “Repaying God’s Goodness

  1. I thank Jesus and God. I thank God’s forgiveness. I thank love.
    I thank the good way and manner.
    I thank grace and careful considerration. I thank hearing me. I thank peace.
    I thank oil. I thank integrating . I thank life. I thank pray for us. A lot of dignity.
    So, I can repay for all. I can join up for His kingdom.

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