St Albertus Magnus, Ora Pro Nobis

St Albert, from Angelicum - Rome*

Saint Albert the Great is the patron of this blog for 2011, and, being his feast day deserves special mention. I’ve never known much of St Albert, but am a huge fan of one of his students, St Thomas Aquinas. Last January I decided to choose a saint for the year to be patron of this blog, and that choice came down to St Albert.

After reading some of his writings, I found a friend in him. The quote in the sidebar under his picture is close to my personal spirituality, and that of the Foundress of the Canossian Sisters, to which I belong. Saint Magdalene of Canossa would say, “Charity in humility; humility in Charity,” to describe how we – Daughters of Charity, Servants of the poor – are to conduct ourselves. Thus, we are called to imitate the ‘greatest Charity’ – that displayed on the Cross by Jesus. It is by this way of living charity, we are called to make “Jesus known and loved.”

Today, I leave you with another quote of Saint Albert the Great:

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who seekest those who stray and receivest them when returning, make me approach to Thee through the frequent hearing of They Word, lest I sin against my neighbor by the blindness of human judgement, through the austerity of false justice, through comparing his inferior status, through too much trust in my merits or through ignorance of the Divine Judgement. Guide me to search diligently each corner of my conscience lest the flesh dominate the spirit.

Source of the Prayer

Here, St Albert gives us an excellent prayer to begin any examination of conscience, a most wonderful way to end each day. It is a fresh reminder that we must let our conscience speak to us, and call us back to truth, ‘lest the flesh dominate the spirit’.

Thank you, Saint Albert, for interceding for this blog, and for all who stumble upon it.

St Abertus Magnus, ora pro nobis. Ut digni efficiamur promissionibus Christi. Amen.

Here’s a fine post on St Albert posted by Rachel Anne Thérèse. Enjoy!

For more on Saint Albert, at New Advent

* Photo by Lawrence OP


2 thoughts on “St Albertus Magnus, Ora Pro Nobis

  1. Thank you very much for your writing.
    I appreciate a ‘fresh remider of Saint Albert’.
    I want to imitate him.
    I would like to express to you my gratitude,
    Thank you very much.

  2. Saint Albert is definitely a great choice for a patron saint. I’m a fairly new Catholic and recently decided to start writing about the saints on my blog. It amazes me to see all the spiritual gifts demonstrated in the different saints and their stores inspire me so much.

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