A New Year – A Patron Saint

I wrote on Twitter this morning:

Each Sister of my religious community receives a Patron Saint for the year, along with a mandate to pray for an intention of the Church and/or of our Religious Institute. This year’s line-up of Saints is pretty formidable (at the bottom of the post, there is a very helpful Saint Finder that can help you locate a Patron Saint for 2012)!

Sister Teresa received Blessed Cesar de Bus, Founder of the Priests and Sisters of Christian Doctrine, Patron of Catechists (our primary ministry).

“I was so beside myself and fired with such a longing to do something in imitation of him (St Charles Borromeo), that I would not give my eyes sleep or my days rest until I had given some beginning to this resolution of mine.”

Feast Day: April 15

Virtue of Piety.

Pray for our Ministries of Charity: Catechesis, Care of the Sick, Education, Formation of the Laity, and Spiritual Exercises.

Sister Elisa received Saint Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, Doctor of the Church and Founder of the Redemptorists, Patron of Vocations (God knows we need more workers in the vineyard!).

“It is necessary for you to pray diligently to God to make you know his will as to what state he wants you in. But take notice that to have this light, you must pray to him with indifference…if you entreat him with indifference and resolution to follow his will, God will make you know clearly what state is better for you.”

Feast Day: August 1

Virtue of Humility.

Pray for the increase of Holy Vocations to our Religious Institute.

Sister Felicity received Saint Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church and Refoundress of the Discalced Carmelites, Patron of Religious and of Headache Sufferers.

“Remember that you have only one soul; that you have only one death to die; that you have only one life, which is short and has to be lived by you alone; and there is only one Glory, which is eternal. If you do this, there will be many things about which you care nothing.”

Feast Day: October 15

Virtue of Fortitude.

Pray for renewal of the Canossian Religious Institute to its original fervor and Foundress Saint Magdalene of Canossa’s intention.

Sister Jenny received Saint Cajetan, Founder of the Theatines, and was known for his concern for the corruption of priests, and for the sick in hospitals. He is the Patron of the Unemployed.

“Do not receive Christ in the Blessed Sacrament so that you may use him as you judge best, but give yourself to him and let him receive you in this Sacrament, so that he himself, God your saviour, may do to you and through you whatever he wills.”

Feast Day: August 7

Virtue of Faith in Divine Providence.

Pray for the Protection of the Church against scandal and corruption.

Lastly, my Patron Saint is Our Lady of Good Counsel, whose image is linked to a mystical appearance of a painting in the town of Genazzano, Italy on the Feast of Saint Luke (April 25). She is the Patron of those seeking clarity/enlightenment.

O Mary of Good Counsel, inflame the hearts of all who are devoted to you, so that all of them have shelter in you, O great Mother of God. O most worthy Lady, let everyone choose you as teacher and wise counselor of their souls, since you are, as Saint Augustine says, the counsel of the Apostles and counsel of all peoples. Amen.

Feast Day. April 26

Virtue of Prudence

Pray for the Provincial Council of North America and for the Institute’s General Council.

And so begins our New Year, flanked by our Patron Saints, along with our Institute’s protectors:

Saint Michael the Archangel, Pray for Us!

Saint Francis of Assisi, Pray for Us!

Saint Cajetan, Pray for Us!

Servant of God, Sister Fernanda Riva (FdCC) Pray for Us!

Servant of God, Sister Luigia Grassi (FdCC) Pray for Us!

Saint Josephine Bakhita (FdCC) Pray for Us!

Saint Magdalene of Canossa, Our Mother Foundress, Pray for Us!

Mary, Our Mother of Sorrows at the Foot of the Cross, Pray for Us!

Now, it’s your turn! Have you chosen a Patron Saint for 2012? If you need help, you might want to try Jennifer Fulwiler’s Saint Generator. Offer a prayer to the Lord, asking Him to provide you a Saint companion for this year. When you are ready, go here. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

And, I would love to hear who your Patron for 2012 is, so report back in the comments, or send me a tweet!

Blessed New Year everyone! Let us start off right, and let the Lord and our Saints take every step with us!


12 thoughts on “A New Year – A Patron Saint

  1. My saint is St. John of God, patron of Booksellers. This, and the fact that he wanted to start a hospital for those unable to afford healthcare, makes him very appropriate for me as these are two of my great interests.

  2. Lisa, thank you for sharing about your community’s practice of receiving a Patron Saint for this new year. And for the invitation to ask for the prayer and companionship of one ourselves.

    I felt a fright when Father Damien presented himself to me as my Patron for this new year. Oh my, leprosy? The darkness of despair and isolation of the diseased outcast? Preferring the shining light enveloping… raising me up… But the journey of following Christ is the willingness to follow to the dark places where his people live and to bring God’s light to them. The challenge perhaps is to find the face of Jesus in the sunken faces of lepers. Firsts thoughts on a my new Patron. (Last year’s was Maria Goretti, for me, lessons in forgiveness, of self and other, as we can be at different times either victim or perpetrator.)

    There is much material available. Much to learn about leprosy, the colonies, the sacrificing of the self for the love of other… This year I will walk with Father Damien and see and hear what he teaches.

    • Perhaps part of the journey is also to see what is dis-eased and dark within my own self/soul and meet myself there, with Father Damien’s help, to bring the compassionate love and light of our Lord – to shine God’s light on my own leprosy, on what I despise in me, on what I wish to hide and isolate in myself. A time of purification, of confession (sacramental), a new level of conversion. Perhaps: Oh, my leprosy! Father Damien, pray for us.

      • Thank you, Margaret, for your reflection! It is helpful, as we look to why we receive the Patron Saints we do, to look too at what is going on inside that we can learn from the virtues of our Patrons. Your depiction of your own ‘leprosy’! You and Saint Fr. Damien are going to be great friends!

  3. My saint is St. Gemma Galgani. This is what she says about praying:
    “….Let us go to Jesus. He is all alone and hardly anyone thinks of Him. Poor Jesus!” “….See, oh Jesus, even at night, those hours, those hours! I sleep, but Jesus my heart does not sleep. It watches with Thee at all hours.” “…..Can You see that as soon as the day breaks I think of You? As evening comes, I am near You…..I am near You at every moment…….I love You, Jesus…..”

    St Gemma on loving God:
    : “Oh love, oh infinite love! …..Oh love of my Jesus! ….Let Your love penetrate my all; from You I want nothing else. My God, my God, I love You. But, per­haps I love You too little, oh Jesus?….Oh, if all were to know how beautiful Jesus is, how loving He is! They would all die of love. And yet, how is it that He is so little loved?

    • I’ve been introduced to St Gemma through a friend of mine (whose name happens to be Gemma!), and her love for Jesus is so inspiring! What a beautiful Patron, John! Thanks for sharing.

    • What an awesome Patron, Vanessa! I will remember to pray for you, via your protector for this year, that you will have courage like his! :)
      God bless you!

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