How did We Get Here?

When walking in the woods, there is an amount of certainty when there is a worn path under our feet. That assurance lets us venture deeper into the wilderness with confidence we will arrive at our destination, so long as we stay on the path.

At first, we follow diligently, with healthy caution to guide us. But as we go along we find ourselves more at ease, and take a few steps off the path to inspect a little closer one thing or another. Our caution stays with us, prudently keeping the path in view, so not to lose our orientation.

With time though, we venture off a little bit more saying to ourselves, “oh, I can always return to the safety of the path and continue on my way when I want.”

But then, something goes wrong.

Without realizing it, we get a little too far away…

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4 thoughts on “How did We Get Here?

  1. “…the solution is not only going to be found on the constitutional battleground, but must also be fought by firm teachings by the Shepherds to the WHY contraception is not acceptable.”

    Yes! On Friday I had a conversation with a dear friend, and I said exactly that. No one has been teaching the faithful (and unfaithful) about the whats and the whys these things. I tend to believe that the large number of Catholics who are supposedly using contraceptives is due, in large part, to ignorance of its sinfulness. Maybe Jesus words apply: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Trying to correct this will take, I believe, a very long time. I’m talking about generations. Yet, I believe it’s possible.

    I don’t think many people will go to special classes on the Theology of the Body. The place where these teachings could be heard by the most people is in Church during homilies. But, that never happens. At least that has been my experience.

    • I had an edifying experience tonight at Mass. Our Associate Pastor, for the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes spoke of the sins of our time – Abortion, Contraception, and Omission (silence). People get this very fast. Intuitively, we know contraception is wrong, but by omission we deny our conscience the truth. I agree with you, Ruth, it will take time, but it can happen!

  2. With Faith comes understanding, as a nurse in Oregon I encounter situations where I must speak my faith so as not to sin. I have been asked by physicians to consul women regarding alternate contraceptive options when the one they are using fails.
    I advice the patient and physician that I am able to make the patient aware of the situation and advice abstinence, anything other than this is against my faith. Cooperation in directing someone to another access for birth control etc. is in cooperation with that sin.
    I know it is possible for me to lose my job, but as a Christian I take that risk.
    This is where, I believe, the future of Christianity lies, as individuals and as a group we will need to put our lives on the line with no compromise and speak up even when we are standing alone. May the Holy Spirit grant us His seven gifts and the fruits there of so we may be bold in these difficult times.

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