Three Favorite Religious Books

My blogging friend Jean M. Heimann at Catholic Fire tagged me in her meme “Three Favorite Religious Books” (outside the Bible, of course). This is a tough one since I have a long list of spiritual classics that I turn to often. So, I am subtitling this post, “The Three Religious Books I Turn to the Most“.

In order, they are:


The Rules of the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity, Unabridged
by Saint Magdalene of Canossa

This Rule was written and completed by Saint Magdalene for her Daughters in 1815. One reason I love this book above all others is her wisdom of the importance of virtue in the Canossian life. It is “…applied to the Virtues of which our Great Model gave us a special example on the Cross…”, the virtues of charity, obedience, humility, poverty, mortification and modesty. By contemplating Christ Crucified in our prayer, we learn to extend the love we find there to our neighbor in our apostolic labors. To read her Rule, there is a work started at Heart of Flame blog, taking her Rule, beginning with the preface and slowly reflecting on it in the context of the modern day.


Way of Perfection, by Saint Teresa of Avila

Saint Teresa has been one of my spiritual guides ever since I was introduced to her ‘bookmark’ (Let nothing disturb you…). Her wisdom and common sense approach to the spiritual life always challenges me, and gives hope that holiness is not only possible, but attainable.


My Prayer Book, by Fr. F.X. Lasance

This wonderful book is full of prayers, devotions, reflections and Mass propers. It is the book that introduced me to St. Teresa’s Book Mark (on page 229, pictured above). My copy was printed in 1944, and has all the thee’s and thou’s. I wonder if anyone has an edition later than that, and if the language was maintained. It is truly a gem, and because of its compact size (4″x6″x1″), its 720 pages can often travel with me.

There you have it. My three favorite religious companions. What are yours (consider yourself tagged)?

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Blessed Lenten reading!


9 thoughts on “Three Favorite Religious Books

  1. I put religious reads under different catagories. One is good for spiritual inspiration & entertaining , the other is good for spiritual growth, & daily walk. There are many christian books I could list. Here are three are -1. The Holiest of All, a great study of the book of Hebrews,by Andrew Murray written 1894. A true classic for all faiths…to build holy faith. -2) To Love Fasting- The monastic Experience, a short read on history of fasting & encourage fasting. -3) The Name by Franklin Graham about the name of Jesus

  2. Dear Sister Lisa

    I can see why you would like these good books! they are completely inspirational.
    I have a good Friend Deacon John Giglio who open my heart to the book’s called The Mystical City Of God 4-VOL it will take sometime to read! but worth the time.

    Gods Blessing to you….

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