Religious Life – A Question

As I write this, I am attending the 2012 National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC) in Plano, Texas.

The very inspiring Keynote Address was given by Archbishop Joseph William Tobin, CSsR (Redemptorist) on the topic of vocation as a reconciling presence.

Discussing the importance of the witness of our vocations, he commented:

“Young people listen to the way we live more than to what we say.” 

What do you think? Is that how you read religious you see? Join the conversation!


5 thoughts on “Religious Life – A Question

  1. He’s telling you what they listen to…and as the mom of four teens, I’d say he is right. My kids pay much more attention to how I live than what I say to them. This doesn’t mean I should not provide oral instructions, but it’s just a reality that the part they pay the most attention to is my example, not what I say. So, he is right.

  2. I fully agree. The way religious live, especially if they are in a school situation affects their pupils very powerfully for good or bad. The same of course applies to how we live at home.

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