Your Favorite Pope Benedict Moment

PopeBenedictXVIThe news of Pope Benedict’s resignation brought me to think of so many reasons why I am grateful for the gift of his Papacy. My earliest memory (and one of my favorites) follows.

I would be very interested to hear yours! Comment away!

So many memories! I was in Saint Peter’s Square at the announcement that Card. Ratzinger was elected Pope. I was next to a Jew and a Muslim. And both of them began jumping up and down hugging each other, and me, shouting, “We have a Pope! We have a Pope!” In that moment, I knew that Unity and respect in diversity is possible! :) Thank you Pope Benedict! 
And you? What’s your favorite memory?

4 thoughts on “Your Favorite Pope Benedict Moment

  1. I feel sad that the pope is retiring but I feel he must have prayed hard about it and is doing what he feels God wants him to do. I believe he was an excellent pope and is a holy man. I have a habit of praying the rosary for him on Sundays. I hope he will get some rest and not be forgotten by us as we elect a new leader of the church.

  2. I’d say his message at WYD 2005 in Köln in the last Mass at Marienfield. There were many phrases that changed my way to consider the path and follow Christ. The other one? it came while reading his first book about Jesus of Nazareth! What a RADICAL change that was for me! He is a truly spiritual Father!

  3. My favorite moment was actually when he was still Cardinal Ratzinger …. officiating at Blessed JPII’s funeral …. facing the crowd in front of the casket, the Book of Gospel had slammed shut, and n those immortalized moments when the crowd erupted into the “Santo Subito” chant …. he just stood there, humbly waiting in awe, 20+ mins …. letting it all happen …. realizing the immense symbolism of the moment …. I had so much respect for him then and felt that he was going to be our next Pope.

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