But reality is …

But reality is different.

Silently, with no voice to speak for them, even at this time of confusion, the simple faithful carry on fulfilling the Church’s true mission: prayer, bearing daily life with patience, always listening to the word of God. But they do not fit into the picture that people want to see; and so, for the most part, they remain silent, although this Church is by no means invisible, though hidden deep beneath the powers of this world.

“Why I am Still in the Church”
an Essay published in the book, Two Say Why, 1971, pg. 68
Pope Benedict XVI (Ratzinger)

Amazing how these words, after more than forty years, speak to the state of the Church today. There are so many hidden faithful, carrying us on by their faithfulness to these three things:


Bearing daily life with patience;

always listening to the word of God.

The world today is not keen to admit that such people exist. Perhaps because if they paid attention, their consciences would be awakened just enough to recognize their own folly.

During this Lenten season, we are called back to the basics of the Christian Life, with these three acts of fidelity to guide us back to Christ. And who knows? Maybe we will bring back others to Christ as well.

United in Prayer!


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