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  1. Sr. Lisa:

    A couple nights ago, I prayed to God and asked him to bring me knowledge of good people… not saints or political heroes one could read in hagiographies and histories, but people living in the present age. The next day, I came across your blog after, somewhat randomly, clicking on a link I came across. Sufficed to say, I consider my prayer answered.

    It is so refreshing to come across in this world given to selfishness and sin someone like you who is a living representative of the Crucified Truth- someone while not of this world yet deeply sensitive and solicitious to its sufferings. This much can be discovered from your bio and blog entries: what beauty! I believe Dostoevsky was right when he said that beauty would save the world. What is more beautiful than the revealed Truth of Christianity at work? God bless you.

    Please accept my gratitude, and also please pray for me as I start law school. I need the prayers, badly.



    P.S. I figure you might appreciate this site:

    Also, in regards to that woman who tweeted about Mother Teresa’s “doubts” last night, here is a clip from the one largely responsible for making her popular in the western world (Malcolm Muggeridge) talking about the relationship between doubt and faith as is found, presumably, in all great saints:

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