The Annunciation Sung (Angelus)

What better way to reflect on the Solemnity of the Annunciation than to hear the words prayed by Christians three times a day (at first light; at noonday; and at dusk) in the Angelus Domini prayer:

In these simple words, the story of the Incarnation of our Savior are told:

The Annunciation: The Angel of the Lord declared (announced) unto Mary – And she conceived of the Holy Spirit. (Luke 1:26,30)

Mary’s Response: I am the handmaid of the Lord – Do unto me according to Your Word. (Luke 1:38)

The Incarnation: And the Word was made Flesh – And dwelt among us. (John 1:14)

In this prayer, we are shown the pattern of the Christian life, and how we too bring Christ to bear when our Fiat is like that of Mary’s: ‘Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum – be done unto me according the Word of the Lord’.

Mary, Mother of Christ,
as we contemplate your ‘yes’ at the words of the Angel Gabriel,
we turn to the Lord Jesus,
asking through your intercession,
that we too may be
God-bearers of your Son
in our small daily ‘yes’
that His will be done in our lives.
May God in His infinite mercy
hear us, and answer us.



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