Sibling Saints

One of my new readers asks: “Are there any Saints that are siblings?”

Yes, there are. A few come to mind straight away:

The Apostles Simon and his brother Jude;


The Apostles James and his brother John;

Update: The Apostles Simon Peter and Andrew


Saint Benedict and his twin sister, Saint Scholastica (left);

And then there are the blesseds:

Blessed Jacinta and Francisco Marto, Visionaries of Fatima (right)


We also must consider that there most likely are sibling martyrs, but I could not find any specifically.

And what about in the future? This is a possibility.

In 2008, a cause for Friar Enrico Beretta (back row-fourth from left), Italian missionary who served in Brazil for thirty-three years, to review his sanctity. He was known as the ‘Padre Pio of Brazil’!  He is the brother of  Saint Gianna Beretta Molla (below, front row-first on left), an Italian woman who died in 1962, opted to risk her life to save her unborn child, was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2004.


These examples – and I’m certain there are many other unsung saintly heroes – encourage us to consider the role of the family in raising good Christian disciples of our Lord. May they intercede for us, in our prayers for our families, especially for our brothers and sisters.

If you know of others, could you please add them in the comments? Thanks! God Bless!


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