Mother of Charity at the Foot of the Cross

The day was darkened, clouds moved in.
Or was the shadow that
of poignant grief?
A mother stands resolute,
Watching her equally determined Son, his agony.

“Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do.”
Hearing her Son’s words,
Her trembling heart,
in faith,
echoes this prayer too.

How many wounds entered her heart that day?
The agony of a mother’s grief bound
to a mystery woven through?


In the end, giving His Spirit back to God,
He breathed his last.
And she, cradles Him one last time.

O woman of faith!
The Light of the World rests in your arms.
Silence enfolds you pondering,
Your offering Him back to God.

“Mary’s love was unrelenting as she shared in the sufferings of Jesus, to the extent of agonizing sorrow, bravely, at the foot of the Cross. We ought to be strong and patient in the same way by imitating her, even at the cost of our lives.”

St. Magdalene of Canossa, Foundress
Canossian Daughters and Sons of Charity

We, Canossian Sisters, extend our greetings and prayers also to you; may our Lady of Sorrows, at the Foot of the Cross intercede for you in a special way.

Mater Charitatis, Ora Pro Nobis!

Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows
September 15th

Saint Magdalene of Canossa, Pray for Us

My Religious Family celebrates its feast day today (May 8th), Feast of our Foundress Saint Magdalene of Canossa, and the Foundation of the Canossian Daughters of Charity – Servants of the Poor (Canossian Sisters), on May 8, 1808.

I wish to share the blessings of this feast day with each of you, asking our Foundress to intercede for your needs:

As we celebrate the gift of our Foundress,
and the charism of the Greatest Love she left to us,
our hearts are united with you in thanksgiving to God.

May she continue to intercede for us,
that we may always be renewed with the flame of Charity
“which spreads and spreads and seeks to embrace everything.”

(Rss, Pt. I, Rules for the Parish Schools, Rule 1, p.199)


The Canossian Family: 

Each of us religious sisters and brothers, priests, lay persons and volunteers, is Canossian by the charism we all share. But just as each of us is a unique creation of God, so too is our expression of the gift (charism). The charism gives us our name (Canossa) and creates a strong bond between those who bear this name.


We Canossian Sisters strive to address the most pressing needs through the following expressions of Magdalene’s charism: education, evangelization, pastoral care of the sick, formation of the laity and spiritual exercises. All is done to fulfil Magdalene’s dream: “above all make Jesus known”.



We Brothers and Priests witness to the love of Christ Crucified by responding generously to the needs of the times and the place where we are, in accordance to the local church, through activities such as: Catechesis, Assistance to the Youth, Youth Centers (Oratory), Works of Charity towards the poor and the least.



We Lay Canossians, discovering that we are in harmony with the charism of Magdalene of Canossa, feel called to live the charity of Christ Crucified in a secular dimension and ask to share in the Canossian family’s life in order to collaborate with the Daughters of Charity (and Sons of Charity) in their ministries.



We are lay men and women, youth and adults of diverse nationalities united in the great mission of human promotion and evangelization. We offer opportunities to grow in faith and for one to share their gifts through an experience of Community, Spirituality, Formation and Service.

One of our past-volunteers shared a day in her missionary life at this blog here.


Blessed Feast Day everyone!