Nothing but Charity

Today the Church celebrates the Exaltation of the Most Holy Cross.

For my Religious Family, the Canossian Priests, Brothers, Sisters, Tertiaries (Lay Canossians), Lay Consecrated and Missionary Volunteers,

Christ Crucified is the center of our contemplation. It is here, at the Cross, we are formed in Charity of the highest degree – the Greatest Love.

Our Foundress, Saint Magdalene of Canossa teaches us:

“Jesus on the Cross
was stripped of everything
except his love.”

“We are dedicated to the singular imitation
of Jesus Crucified.”

“Jesus Crucified breathes nothing but charity.”


It is no accident that the day following the Exaltation of the Cross,
we turn to console our Lady of Sorrows.
As we stand at the foot of the Cross, contemplating this Greatest Love,
let us slip our hand into that of Mary Most Sorrowful,
together contemplating the mystery of God’s infinite mercy on Calvary.

Our Lady of Sorrows at the Foot of the Cross, Pray for us!

What do you contemplate?