In the Habit: Forgiveness – A Way Home

The Latest in the “In the Habit” Series, sharing my experiences that have confirmed the need for the Religious Habit in the world today:

One beautiful morning a friend of mine invited me for coffee after Mass. It had been a long week, and getting caught up with a friend was a nice way to finish it. We talked about the things that we saw in our own spheres of influence that needed prayer, writing down each other’s requests as we sipped our coffees. When it was time to go, my friend offered me a ride back home. It was such a nice day, I really wanted to walk and pray along the one-mile stretch of road.

Starting out down the street, I asked the Lord to help me see what he wants me to see, that I might be a witness of His love…Approaching the next intersection, there next to the traffic light, stood two high-school aged boys. One of them called out to me from a distance, a greeting I couldn’t make out.  As I came close…I could see in his face that something wasn’t right.

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