Give Praise to the Creator

The Responsorial Psalm of today‘s Mass reminded me of this simple song to the Holy Spirit, a reminder that all is created by a higher power than ourselves. If we deny this truth, we ultimately run the risk of giving control of our lives to mere human beings and human structures, rather than rely upon the Lord of Life who endowed us with our very being.

Let us take a moment to give thanks to our Creator – to God – who breathes life into us anew each day through His Most Holy Spirit (translation follows):

(walk according to the Spirit)
By your Spirit, Lord, the earth is full.
By your Spirit, Lord, the earth is full.

Bless the Lord, my soul.
Lord God you are Great!
How immense and splendid
are all your works and all creatures

By your Spirit, O Lord, the earth is full.

If you take away your breath, everything dies,
and fades away into the earth.

Your Spirit descends and all is recreated;
and all is renewed.

By your Spirit, O Lord, the earth is full.

Your glory, O Lord, exists for ever.
God rejoices in His creation.

This simple song rises up to the Lord,
“You are our Joy!”

By your Spirit, O Lord, the earth is full. (repeat)

Holy Spirit Prayer:

Holy Spirit,
heat and fire
spilling out from Christ,
give light and vigor to my spirit
and discernment to my soul,
small and poor,
ignorant and weak,
distracted in the world, I am
humble and living,
show me your untiring love.

Holy Spirit,
Spirit of Love,
that I might possess you always,
your love,
single, comprehensive, decisive,
for my life.
In love Your being is consumed in me,
through service Your being is expressed
in my being in You.

Enter, O Light of God,
chase away the shadows
that are in us.
Make bloom in our lives
a new desire to live.

Enter, O Light of God,
scourge the depth of our heart.
Encourage anew,
liberate the sleeping energy,
change all of our days
so to make them pieces of a puzzle
that seeks only to be found
in You.

The Holy Spirit Prayer is written by a Canossian Sister. All rights reserved.