About Sister Lisa Marie

Sr. Lisa Marie Doty entered as a postulant with the Canossian Sisters on the Feast of the Assumption, August 15, 1998. After three years of initial formation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she made her First Profession of vows in 2001. She completed her studies in philosophy and pastoral theology at the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas (affectionately known as the ‘Angelicum’, the Dominican university in Rome) graduating with a bachelors degree in sacred theology and a masters in pastoral theology.

During the course of her studies, from 2001 to 2007, she assisted as a member of the formation team for VOICA – Volontariato Internationale Canossiano in Rome, preparing young women and men to serve for periods of one to three years in Canossian missions. Her fondest memories during these years were the informal moments, talking one-on-one with individual volunteers about life-choices and vocations. Sr. Lisa has had the opportunity through her apostolate with VOICA to visit volunteers in the missions in Malawi, Tanzania, and Great Britain. She also accompanied a group of Italian volunteers for a Summer project in Indonesia and Timor.

In her last year of studies, Sr. Lisa Marie took time off to prepare for her Perpetual Profession in Verona, Italy, and publicly professed her vows in Rome in 2006.

Following her studies, Sr. Lisa Marie continued to assist with the International Volunteers while serving as an interim coordinator of communication systems in the General Curia (administrative body assisting the General Council of the Institute). During this service, Sr. Lisa Marie developed an interest in new communications media as a forum for evangelization. When asked about the use of digital media,  this is what she had to say:

 I see the various media formats as an opportunity to reach more people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. In his message for the 44th World Communications Day, Pope Benedict XVI tells us how new media is a great resource for stimulating conversation about the Faith: It “requires sensitivity to those who do not believe, the disheartened and those who have a deep, unarticulated desire for enduring truth and the absolute. Just as the prophet Isaiah envisioned a house of prayer for all peoples (cf. Is 56:7).”

With these ideas in mind, I enjoy using various media – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more recently blogging – as a means to reach out to others who I might not otherwise have an opportunity to meet.  Sometimes people write to me in response to a message I put up. Other times, people contact me because they can see I am a Religious Sister and wish for me to pray for them or a loved one. The digital world has opened up a whole new world for mission.

In November 2009, Sr. Lisa Marie was assigned to California, USA, serving as a member of the community of Canossian Sisters of Sacramento, at our Lady of Lourdes Convent. In July 2013, Sister was assigned to Mother of Hope Convent while serving as Director of Youth and Young Adults at Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish in Albuquerque, NM. She is currently serving again in Sacramento as the Director of Faith Formation and Education at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.  Sr. Lisa Marie is currently serving as the Director of Family Faith Formation and Education at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento, CA, living with her Sisters at Our Lady of Lourdes convent.

She also serves as the local Sister Animator of the Association of Canossians.

In her free time, she enjoys blogging, reading, making rosaries, taking walks in the neighborhood and meeting/talking to the people she meets.

Here are various pictures of Sr Lisa Marie and friends, sharing life and ministry:

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43 thoughts on “About Sister Lisa Marie

  1. Thanks for your post, Sister Lisa. And, BTW, real nuns wear habits! Without saying a word, your visible presence in the world causes all who see you to turn immediately their thoughts to God, which we all need to do and need to do much much more often. I have prayed that God would continue to bless, protect and keep you

  2. Sister-

    I just ran across “Bus Stop Fellowship” while surfing and thought I’d say hi and perhaps ask for your prayers.

    I recently started toward joining an Order and find my life turned upside down–in good and not-so-good ways. I started my blog to help sort things out, and, to share my story.

    I’ve added you to my blogroll, hopefully to drop by often and find encouragement in your posts.

    Thank you for being a public witness to our Faith; your story uplifted me on this morning when I was feeling uncertain.


    • Will keep you in my prayers. Often when we turn towards God, the enemy will use anything to stop you in your plan. Turn to Mary for protection. I can’t begin to tell you the power of Mary of the enemy in my life. Especially make the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. My life did not begin to turn around to grace until I did this. God Bless. Your sister in Christ. Mary

      • Thank you, Mary, for your kind words, and for your reminder to place my life under the protection of Mary and her Immaculate Heart. I do love our Lady, and entrust myself daily to her care. It is a good practice for all of us. God bless you!

  3. Came across Sr. Lisa’s article…am completely touched and awed!!! Please pray for the conversion of sinners and souls in purgatory..

  4. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us, it is so inspirational, esspecially as someone who is in formation for religious life like me!

  5. Sister I ask that you pray for my husband who has gone on to see Jesus..Also for our family who are grieving his death.I ask that God will send his Angels to comfort his daughters and myself..PBWY..

    • Dearest Linda, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. There are no words I can say to comfort you, but please be assured of my prayers. Our Lord God is merciful and longs to embrace us at the end of our journey. This much is sure. Let us pray:

      “Eternal rest grant unto Him, O Lord, and may your perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Amen”

      I will remember you and your children in a special way in the months to come.

      May God bless you and be your strength.

  6. Good morning, Sister Lisa. I was surfing and found your website. Wonderful and lovely pictures of your journey. I’ll just send your way all my good wishes and thoughts for your happiness.

    Humbly yours,

  7. Dear Sister Lisa:
    I’m writing to ask for you to pray for my niece, Carole, who suffered a massive stroke on New Years Day. The first doctor’s report did not hold out much hope at all. They told us only 10% of the people with this kind of stroke survive the first 30 days. Carole has made incredible progress and she knows everything going on around her. She is now sitting up on her own, going to daily therapy and saying words, even trying to construct sentences. We all believe very strongly that this has happened because of the prayer, not only from Catholics, but from her friends in the Baptist, Methodist churches. It is our hope that she can return to a normal life. She still has not been able to move her right arm and leg, but we are encouraged that this can happen over time. Thank you for listening, and I’ll write to let you know her progress. The congress woman that was shot in the head in Phoenix has much the same path to travel as Carole. That happened one week after Carole’s stroke, and I’m keeping her in my prayers also.

    • Dear Mary, Thank you for sharing about Carole and her condition. I will of course keep her in prayer, for healing and courage through all the therapy she must undergo. Only our good Lord knows the full journey Carole is taking; and He is with her every step of the way. United in prayer, Sr. Lisa

  8. Dear Sister Lisa,

    I read your article about the Noise/Chatty people who have absolute no regard , consideration, honour of why one attends church. Question begs the answer why they attend, in our parish there are some, who loudly cackle, and openly and loudly talk about social stuff whilst others are trying to gain the quiet time in their efforts to communicate with God, I find their behaviour highly questionable and wonder if these peoples faith are genuine. This ocurred in our parish, and one of them was the Church parish coordinator whom is responsible for displaying utmost role model to the church community, talking laboriously inside the sanctuary- and loudly about social stuff, whilst others could hear loudly and clearly what was being said, I sometimes wonder this is the reason why we don’t have much willing participants who want to partake in church activities.
    Best Regards

    • Thank you for your comment, Estelle. It would be a good study to see where we as a church began to accept talking-except-when-necessary in the Church. I find it difficult to get too upset with many parishioners…they learned this from somewhere. But it is painful to witness. We must learn renewed reverence for the sacred, and hopefully, little by little, help our pew-sitting friends to embrace it too. God bless!


  10. Thank you for writing the piece about noise after mass. I find it so disturbing. I honestly believe that when the experimentation began with the liturgy ie clown masses, rock masses and all the other “it is about me” rather than it is about Christ, the general laity really do not comprehend the great mystery and awesome sacrifice that is occurring on our altars! I am truly saddened when I see the mass treated like a basketball game rather than the greatest event that any of us will ever attend! When I teach the children about the mass, I start by asking them what is the greatest event that will happen in their lives. They give me all sorts of responses, then I tell them for me and for all Catholics it is the mass; greater than my military promotions, marriage(although a gift) greater than anything. They are surprised when I tell them this but at the same time, I think they learn what an amazing God we love. God Bless. Please let all of us do more to show God the reverence He deserves.

  11. followed the link here from your twitter account. Please pray for me, that at the end of lent i will have overcome one particular sin. Thanks and God bless your work.

    • Yes, I will pray for you. Do not be discouraged when you feel tempted. Offer it as a sacrifice to God. They say, when we are tempted, if we can avoid giving in for 15-20 minutes, the temptation becomes less of a threat. Stay close to God in prayer and the Sacraments, and you will find the spiritual strength you need. Pray also for Japan who was devastated by the tsunami yesterday. God bless you.

  12. Dear Sr. Lisa,
    I just discovered your beautiful website, interested in the Marian devotions you list and explain so well. Would you please pray for us to find a home to live in and that our trust in God’s provision will not waver, even when we don’t see it? We have to move out of our rental house by the end of May and have not yet found a place to move into. Thank you, Joan

    • Thank you, Joan. Please be assured of my prayers for you and your children, that the Lord will indeed provide abundantly for you in your seeking a new home. I pray also to St Joseph for this intention. He is the Patron of the Holy Family, and so, he too understands your needs to provide for your family. Let us be united in prayer for this, your intention.
      In Jesus, with Mary, Sr. Lisa

  13. Dear Sister Lisa,

    I grew up with Italian Canossian Sisters in the mid 50’s and had extremely wonderful times with them here in the Philippines. Our family, my mom, most especially, doted on them and took care of their pioneering days. When you wore that vintage bonnet it brought me back to those times. I can go on and on but this short letter is just a “drop in the bucket” of stories I could tell you more.

    In Christ,

    • Thank you, Redento, for sharing your fond memories. Please let me know if you would like to write as a guest writer, sharing your experience with our Sisters. I think others would enjoy reading your experience. God bless! Saint Magdalene of Canossa, pray for us!
      St Magdalene of Canossa

  14. Hello, Sr. Lisa! i just read the letter of appeal for prayers for Sudan, we’ll pray for our brothers and sisters there. Im Sr. Rose Aquino, presently assigned here in Calamba City, Phils.

    I’ll ask for prayers too for my complete healing and recovery. I finished my treatment for breast cancer and im on the recovering stage at the moment. Pray for me through the intercession of St. Bakhita. Regards to the sisters in your community. God bless us all.

    • Dearest Sr. Rose, be assured of my prayers, and those of my community. We pray every morning, through the intercession of our Mother Foundress, Saint Magdalene for all the sick who have asked us to pray for them. You will be remembered too! United in love at the foot of the Cross, Sr Lisa Marie

  15. I am unemployed and I am worried about losing my home. Please pray for assistance to find a employment. Thank you, God Bless.

    • Dear Joan, please be assured of mine and the prayers of my community. May our Lord in His Divine Providence assist you. In prayer, Sr. Lisa Marie

      • Sister Lisa,
        Thank you for your prayers. I have found employment. The position will allow me to stay in my home and the people that I work with are so kind and helpful. I have been truly blessed.
        Thank you again!
        God Bless

      • Dear Joan, Thank you for sharing the good news with us that you managed to find work. Let us offer praise and thanksgiving to God for his divine providence. God bless you! -Sr Lisa Marie

  16. Sr. Lisa,
    Please pray for my husband and I as we are separated due to alcoholism and emotional abuse. We need prayer and God’s grace so much.
    God bless you,

    • Dear Dodie, you and your husband will indeed be in my prayers, for healing and peace. I will pass your prayer request on to my Sisters, and my prayer friends. United with you in prayer, Sr. Lisa Marie

  17. please pray for me and my family. My wife and I have been separated for almost 4 years. I still see her from time to . We have been married for some 30 years and I still love her dearly. We still see each other from time to time but usually only at family events and the separation has broken my heart. Please pray that god will give us a second chance to get our marriage back on track. For some reason because of this situation I feel I have got a lot closer to god and go to mass every day but I am still hurting on a daily basis. Please pray for a solution to our problems of separation work and finances. AMDG.

    • Dear James, You and your family will be in my prayers in a special way. It is difficult to understand the pain one like yourself feels in separation, but God understands perfectly your heart and your desire for reconciliation in your marriage. Let us place your family under the protection of the Holy Family, that through the intercession of Jesus, Joseph and Mary, may our Heavenly Father bring healing to your wounded heart, and to the heart of your wife. Lord, in your mercy, hear us.

  18. Sister,
    I was trying to leave the comment for the young woman discerning a vocation who felt her life was turning upside down. I apologize, it was meant for the young woman. But I will keep you in my prayers as well! God Bless, Mary Powell

  19. I’m asking for your prayers for my grandauter, Serenity.She’s been having some test done next week,in San Fransico.She’s having brain surgery do to seizure, Since she was a baby.She 13 now Also pray for her mother Hilary and father Adam.Thank you.Barbara

    • Dear Barbara, be assured that my Community and I will keep Serenity in prayer. She must be a strong girl to have endured so much; I include my prayers for an increase of strength in her trials, and may all go well next week in San Francisco. Let us know how everything goes :-)

      United in prayer, Sr. Lisa Marie

  20. Greetings sister.

    I hope this message finds you well.

    I had an encounter with a sister in the nearest church’s bookstore last weekend. My friend and I were both scanning books after a mass and I picked one book about a life of one beatified young gentleman from Italy. He gave up his good life and helped the poor but died at the age of 24 due to polio (i forgot the name). Right after I read that, I shared it aloud to my companion and others seemed to hear it. Suddenly a nice nun brought the topic ‘vocation’ up.

    It’s been sometime since I started praying and going to church again. It’s a long story which started with me finding a cross of Saint Benedict on my way home. I’ve dedicated a lot of time contemplating about it. (I logged in on my wordpress blog amatorevangelista.) I even thought that this must all be a ‘calling’ in a process. I asked for a sign that a nun would give me a rosary or something to be used for prayer if I’m meant for a vocation. Now that a certain sign came along (I was given a pocket prayer card with a picture of first sister general I think of Paulines sister here) , I am afraid. I was thinking maybe I’m just overwhelmed with what I believe a transformation. I’ve anticipated that it’s not going to be an easy decision when a sign comes, I thought I’ll see to it that at least I would communicate with the order or a kind nun.

    My worry and fear is if it’s really a calling, then am I sinning that I didn’t keep my word? It’s more shocking that I thought when it’s right on your face. What are the odds, right? I still wish to be an instrument of God’s love and peace whichever path I take. Do I have the right to choose? I feel pressured because I had no idea there’s an age limit for this – 30. I am 29. I don’t want to be separated from our creator even a bit. Each time I pray for forgiveness if I offended Him.

    By the way, I studied at Canossa Academy, Philippines during my gradeschool days :)
    Yo take care and God bless you always Sister Lisa.

  21. Dear Sister Lisa: Thank you for your great inspiring messages! May your community be blessed by Our Lady of Lourdes, whose feast day is coming up. Elaine

  22. Dear Sister Lisa: Two days ago I sent a greeting to the Canossian Daughters of Charity in Rome asking God to bless them/you and all the people of Sudan on the Feast of Saint Josephine Bakhita in a very special way!…
    It was very hard to find their e-mail address; I wonder whether it arrived. But I will continue to pray and I may try to contact them again.
    By the way: I know where ‘Angelicum’ is. Would pass it every morning walking from Colosseum to Gregorianum.

    • Kestutis, thank you for your greetings for our Feast Day of Saint Josephine Bakhita! I attended Gregorian for Latin class with Fr Foster. :) Let us continue to pray for one another! God bless!

  23. Dear Sr Lisa,

    I am currently working in Oman, in the middle east, we are fortunate enough to be allowed a church here, as Oman is one of the more liberal countries of this region. I would be very grateful if you could please pray for Christians, particularly in this region of the world. Even though being in this region is difficult at times, perhaps this is a blessing in disguise, it makes you realize who you are and what you believe all the clearer.


    • Dear James, thank you for letting us know the need for prayers. It is true, when our faith is tested, it makes us consider more carefully what is true, and yes, “what yo believe all the clearer”. Thank you for your testimony. Be assured of our prayers!

  24. Hello sister lisa marie, I am a catholic Priest from Rwanda, i work under tough economic situation in a very poor parish with many destitutes, I ask for your incessant prayers that I get people of good will to sponsor my pastoral projects.
    Father kizito

    • Thank you for asking Fr. Kizito. I will be happy to keep you and your mission in prayer. If you would like to tell us more about your projects, and I am able to verify them, I will consider writing a post about your work and needs. Please consider sending a description of your project via this link: https://nunspeak.wordpress.com/contact-me/

      God bless you,
      Sr Lisa Marie, FdCC

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