Tears before God

“My friends scorn me as my eyes pour forth tears before God.” Job 16:20

Such are the words of the suffering soul – the one who has run out of words to describe his pain.  All that is left are tears and sobs of grief that reached the ears of a cloistered Sister:

“I was praying in the chapel when it began: the sobs of someone in need, suffering and clinging to God. They pierce my heart and I know they pierce God’s heart.”

You will want to read the rest of the piece from the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters.

The book of Job narrates the struggles of a man, Job, who had experienced losing everything, even his health. His friends turned on him and cursed him, and endured their tempting him to turn from God. All that Job had left was to wait for the Lord in his tears.

What is our response when we encounter someone going through a tough time? How do we accompany him? The story by the Sisters above goes on to speak of the compassion that one learns through their own suffering. It is true, when we have experienced certain hurts, we tend to be more gentle with others going through similar circumstances. May the Lord help us to enlarge our hearts, too, to find compassion when one we meet is downtrodden.

___Prayer for the Virtue of Compassion___

Compassionate and merciful Jesus,

My heart longs for Your perfection.

Not only do You share in my sufferings,

You have voluntarily accepted them.

Your proficiency at perceiving my soul,

is compared to reading large fonts in a book:

Nothing is hidden from Your panorama!

Your merciful nature knows my intentions.

Considering my continuous weaknesses,

You are dedicated to the cause of my salvation.

Jesus, You are most kind and forgiving:

You are the proven Lord of compassion!




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